Best Sewing Machine – Bringing Fashion Industry At Your Home

We are living in a materialistic society where people are judged from their packaging. This is why everyone is in a race of looking beautiful and stylish. Fashion designers increase this competition by launching their new collections every month. We have had this craze of using branded dresses to look beautiful and when it comes to brands then there is a lot of money needed. Being a working woman serving in marketing industry, my job requires me to look stylish yet professional and it cost me a lot of money every month as I used to spend a huge proportion of my income on buying latest collection of top most fashion designers. Last year, a friend of mine moved from other state. We arranged a few get-togethers and this is when I became fan of her dresses. The best thing about her wardrobe was that it was unique. I tried my best to find similar dresses in the market. I even tried online shops but I failed. One day while I was praising her black dress having charms and embroidery on it, she said something I never expected. She told me that she stitch all her dresses at home. This was the reason I couldn’t find these dresses in the market.

 She is Perfectionist

My friend is a perfectionist, she never get satisfied with other’s work. This is her good as well as bad point at the same time. Her mother was a great tailor. I remember she used to stitch frocks and shirts for my friend and her elder sister throughout her childhood. My friend told me that she never like designer dresses as some of them have poor embroidery others have poor fabric. This is why she buys fabric and stitch dress herself keeping in mind latest fashion.

How Can a Single Machine Do All This?

My friend showed me her sewing machine. She also got convinced on teaching me how to stitch dresses. It took me a month to stitch neatly and that was the last time I bought any dress from market. My friend gave me a sewing machine as present 2 months back. I stitch all my dresses and that of my 2 year old daughter at home. It not only saves me money but also allows me to get the color, design and size I want. I don’t need to waste my time visiting boutiques for finding a dress. I just check weekly fashion magazines in order to know what is in and what is out in fashion. I can’t still believe how this single sewing machine can do all this from stitching shirts to frocks, skirts, trousers, bed sheets, curtain etc.

An Advice For You

If you like innovation and you are looking for a good activity to spend your leisure time then you must buy a sewing machine even if you do not know how to use it. Every sewing machine comes with a detailed manual for new users and internet is also full of videos that give lessons on sewing.

It’s Really Good

So, you have finally made your plan to buy sewing machine as your presence on this page proves this fact. I think following information will come in handy for you while looking for the best sewing machine. Following is a list of top 5 sewing machines in terms of stitching quality, size, weight, price and durability etc.

Top 5 Sewing Machines Currently Available in The Market

  1. CS6000i Feature Rich Sewing
  2. SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine
  3. Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine
  4. Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine
  5. SINGER 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

Extra Bonus

In addition to revealing the list of top 5 sewing machines, I have also managed to write brief sewing machine reviews in order to give you a glimpse of the features and specifications of every machine.

Best Sewing Machines
Product Weight
Product Dimensions
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews
Detailed Revews
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Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine13 pounds16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches4.53,371 Customer ReviewsRead Full ReviewCheck At Amazon
Singer Award Winning Computerized Sewing Machine14.6 pounds14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches4.3 927 Customer ReviewsRead Full ReviewCheck At Amazon
Brother Xl2600i Advance Sewing Machine11 pounds12.3 x 7.7 x 9.6 inches4.41,384 Customer ReviewsRead Full ReviewCheck At Amazon
Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing10.9 pounds20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches4,6942 Customer ReviewsRead Full ReviewCheck At Amazon
SINGER 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine20 pounds17.2 x 8.2 x 12 inches4.5832 Customer ReviewsRead Full ReviewSee At Amazon

CS6000i Feature Rich Sewing

Brother-Feature-Rich-Stitches-Auto-Size-Buttonholes big

Sewing machines are being used from past many eras but with innovations and advancement, sewing machines are now more efficient and have more unique features for the ease of the users. CS6000i is also introduced with distinct and range of features and function. Following are mentioned some important features of this sewing machine:

Features of the Product

LCD Display Screen:

This sewing machine has been provided with a LCD Display screen for the users so that they can select the appropriate button by touching the option of stitch they want to do.

 Easy Threading:

All of the instructions and guidelines are provided to you. You just have to view the numbered diagram on the sewing machine in order to thread your machine within seconds via LCD display screen.

Automatic Needle Threader:

In order to insert the thread into your needle properly you have to press the lever on the sewing machine.

Easy Winding of Bobbin:

In addition to that, there is a Printed diagram that shows the exact location to put the thread on this sewing machine.

Adjustable Speed:

It is one of the most beneficial features specifically for the new user. There is a slide of speed stitch that can offer you different adjustments for the speed.

Oversized table

It also contains an oversized table so that you can conveniently perform your tasks.

Bright Area for Stitching:

This CS6000i contains a bright lit area designed for stitching dark color of fabrics. This enable the user to see the stitch easily and conveniently even in the darkness.

Easy to Quilts:

Quilting is also one of the unique features of this sewing machine. CS6000i contains quilting foots so that you can easily adjust and place your machine at a desired location

Built In Arms:

The built in arms of sewing machine are helpful for stitching cylindrical stitches like sleeves, cuffs etc.

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SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine

7258-Stylist-Award-Winning-100-Stitch-Computerized big

Singer offers the most reliable and durable sewing machines and other electronic appliances from past many years but with the passage of time, it has improved further after introducing new innovative range of sewing machines. Here are some of the extra ordinary features of singer 7258, currently the best sewing machine:

Features of Product

Easy System of Threading with Automatic Needle Threader:

This best sewing machine has provided an easy mechanism of threading with which you can easily thread your machine within a very short time say three to six seconds.

Presser Feet:

Singer 7258 contains blind hem, Rolled Hem, over casting, Zipper, Gathering, Buttonhole, Satin Stitch, Darning & Embroidery and Presser Feet of quarter inch. All of these have required tools to fulfill the needs of quilting and sewing.

Automatic Stitch Width and Length with LED Display Screen:

This sewing machine also contains a LED display screen that provides information regarding length of stitch, width of stitch and required pattern of stitch. These stitches are automatic and provides accurate stitch width and length settings.

Bobbin System:

The whole mechanism of the sewing machine is very easy. Inserting a bobbin is quite easy as it is loaded from the top through a clear cover so that you can see the settings.

 LED Light:

This sewing machine also has LED light which helps you in sewing. The bulb of singer 7258 (100,000 hours) has ability to stay cool for longer time duration so that you can work easily.

Automatic Built In Buttonholes:

There are six distinct buttonhole styles and you have to make appropriate sizes of buttonholes.

Needle Up and Down with Programmable Mechanism:

There is mechanism of programmable system of needle up and needle down that have ability to take the needle to the top position. This will assist in removing the cloth from sewing machine easily. Along with that, the machine has different adjustable speed ranges for the convenience of users.

 Automatic Tension:

This singer 7258 has automatic tension that provides a better quality of stitching regardless of type of fabric.

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Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine

Brother-XL2600I-Affordable-25-Stitch-Free-Arm big

Sewing machines are very special and essential for designers and tailors. Now, stitching is not possible without sewing machines. There are various types, shapes and sizes of sewing machines designed for different customers. For some customers affordability matters on the other hand, some want good quality sewing machines with unique range of features. After reading sewing machine reviews, here are mentioned some of the unique features of XL2600:

Features of Product

Easy Stitch Selector:

There are many options and alternatives of stitching. Now, XL2600 has provided easy to use selectors for the type of stitching the user wants.

Drop In Bobbin:

The XL2600 has offered a variety of features and one of the useful features is the ease of drop in bobbin. Now it has become easier to thread the machine. You just have to insert your bobbin and pull one end of the thread. Your sewing machine is now ready to stitch clothes.

 Ease of Use:

The XL2600 sewing machine has been provided with a diagram of threading that is printed on the sewing machine. You have to get an idea from the diagram. Additionally, there is also a needle threader that threads it automatically.

One Step and Auto-Sized Buttonholes:

Among so many features, auto sized buttonholes are also one of the awesome addition in the sewing machine. There are buttonhole feet as well as buttonhole stitch.

Easy System of Winding a Bobbin:

It is easier to wind a bobbin from the thread. You have to place the bobbin into the winder and push the bobbin control towards the right direction.

Built In Arm for sewing Sleeves and Cuffs:

These sewing machines are best for sewing all types of dresses for people of all ages. You can now sew professional looking shirts, trousers, bed sheets etc. In short, it is the best sewing machine when it comes to sewing quality and neatness of stitch.

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Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother-SE400-Combination-Computerized-Embroidery big

Computerized Sewing machines are new innovation in the world of sewing machines. Brother SE400 is also one of the advanced innovations that have automated most of the unique features of this machine. These machines have computerized and automatic features. Here are following distinct features of SE400:

Features of Product

Provides 4″ X 4″ Area for Embroidery:

With this wide area, you can easily adjust your fabric for embroidery. This will provide a free space for your fabric to move easily. With this wide workspace, user can easily view the stitches as well as designs of the fabric.

 7-Point Feed Dogs:

There are 7 point feed dogs so that Brother SE400 can easily stitch the fabric.

 LCD Touch Screen Display:

One of the most beneficial features of this sewing machine is the LCD touch screen display with which the user can easily control all the features and operations of the machine.

 LED Light for Bright Workspace:

There machine provides a lit under the needle area where the fabric is stitched in order to enhance the optical view.

Automatic Needle Threader:

These sewing machines offer a very easy and automatic mechanism of threading a needle. The needle can be threaded with a single touch.

Easy Bobbin Preparation:

Along with all the features, the sewing machine can easily wind the bobbin with thread in very less time.

Computer Connectivity:

It has been provided with all the innovated features such as it can download all the updates for machine for the proper functioning. With this feature, these sewing machines are perfect for industrial use.


This sewing machine provides various embroidery designs, different range of sewing stitches and 5 different lettering fonts of embroidery. Not only this, the sewing machine has trendy and elegant design.

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SINGER 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine


9960-600-Stitch-Computerized-Extension-Accessories big


Computerized machine has created ease, convenience and provided variety of stitching designs with its extraordinary features. Following are main features of singer 9960:

Features of Product:

Easy System of Threading Along with Automatic Needle Threader:

This is certainly the best sewing machine as it has provided an easy and quick threading of entire machine. All of the instruction of threading is also printed on the sewing machine.

Stitch Reference Chart Along with 600 Built-In Stitches:

The stitch reference chart is basically located on the top of machine that provides you variety of 600 built-in stitches. This will give you an opportunity to select your required stitch for the project.

 Drop In System of Bobbin System with a Clear Cover:

It is very easy to fix the bobbin into the machine and with the clear cover; the user can see, insert and monitor the bobbin.

13 Styles of Buttonhole with Buttonhole Underplate:

This dewing machine provides buttonhole sewing that provides reliable outcomes after the every use. In order to avoid gaps in stitching, the buttonhole sides are closed and sewn.

 Free Arm:

These sewing machines contain a free arm that enables to stitch collars, sleeves, cuffs and pant hems.

Extension Table:

There is also an extended table in the sewing machine for the convenience of user to stitch as well as do embroidery over the clothes.

 Automatic Trimmer of Electronic Thread:

One of the additional features of this machine is that you don’t have to use scissor after few seconds because it has a cutter button that trims the thread automatically.

Automatic Stitch Width and Length:

The sewing machine offers various stitches of optimum width and length.

Button for Needle up or down:

In addition to all the features, there is a button to move the needle up or down by pressing the button. This positive point was also mentioned in several sewing machine reviews written for this product.

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Things to judge before purchasing a sewing machine

No one buys a sewing machine on a regular basis, so choosing a machine that is marvelous in every manner is rather tricky, one need to look every aspect meticulously. The Sewing machine plays an indispensable role in our life. None of us is incognizant of the usage of sewing machine. Few sewing machines are not only engineered for the clothes production, but have become an important part in the production of other supplies. Automobile seats/covers, towels, toys, Furniture with upholstery, curtains or drapes, even sometimes books employed the use of the sewing machine.

People prefer to buy a mini sewing machine that is not only made for a home stitching purpose, but for profession use too. Some sewing machine stitches quickly and automatically. Best sewing machines are invented to provide comfort and easy stitching process to customers.

Have a look at important things to look before purchasing a sewing machine:

Budget: The most important thing to consider first on which your whole purchase is based is BUDGET. Before going to the store, always check your budget first as it only wastes your time. Collecting information is a good habit indeed, but without checking price list and matching it with your budget is definitely not a wise judgment. One can facilely choose sewing machine that falls under his or her budget.

Stitches Requirement: Choosing a sewing machine of your choice is somewhat tricky; one can easily get confused by infinite numbers of products of various brands. Another key to a successful purchase is to look for your requirements like what type of stitches you want, and how many stylish stitches you wish to have in your machine. There are many well reputed brands that are very famous for their sewing machines and they offer different stitching styles for various style statements.

Motor: Size of motor should be checked before buying as it said that strongness of sewing machine is directly proportional to power of the motor.

No Noise: Noisy machine is sometimes so annoying and enough to increase mental exasperation. Try to buy smooth and quite sewing machine.

Durable: Checking durability of sewing machine before purchase is definitely a safe side check. Getting a long lasting machine is everyone’s desire.

Portable: Small or mini machine can be very good for home and professional use. Culling a light weight machine is not at all a bad idea. Few people prefer to buy portable machines.

Time to Say No to Ready Made Dresses

It’s the time to start creating your own style and fashion instead of wearing dresses made by someone else. Just go and buy the best sewing machine available in the market keeping in mind the instructions given in this guide.